Reduce your cooling expenses by cool-roofing your property
Financed by BluePACE’s long-term, 100% financing solutions


A cool roof reflects sunlight and cools itself by efficiently emitting radiation to its surroundings. This keeps the building cooler and at a more constant temperature.

Choose BluePACE’s financing to optimize your energy and cooling expenses with a cool roof for your property. Learn more about our financing options.
•     Optimize your energy consumption; reduce energy expenses on cooling
•     Feel healthier by avoiding heat-related illnesses and ailments
•     Increase comfort in indoor spaces that are not air conditioned such as garages
•     Be environmentally friendly by reducing power plant emissions


Cool Roof Financing for Businesses

BluePACE enables small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and non-profits to replace or upgrage their roof and save up to 15% on air conditioning costs with affordable 100% Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing. Advantages of BluePACE include:

• Conserves your equity and capital for other investments with no-money-down, off-balance sheet financing
• Increases net opertating income and inherent property value with low-cost payments repaid over up to 25 years
• Attached to your company's property, so the obligation to repay automatically transfers to the new owner upon property sale.


Calculate your potential savings with BlueFlame's Cool Roof Savings Calculator, powered by our proprietary software, HyperQual.
Identify if a cool roof is right for you. Try it out today!


To start benefitting from cool roofing with no out-of-pocket cost, apply now for BluePACE financing and receive a complimentary techno-economically proposal detailing your savings potential.