Are you a property owner looking for a project developer?

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10% or more cost savings for contract term!

2 Off balance sheet.png

Off-balance sheet

Avoids incurring debt

3 Attached to property tax.png

Attached to property tax

No holding period concerns. Transfers with property upon sale. Reduces credit risk associated with PPAs

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Low-cost, long-term solution

Lower cost of energy for typically 20 years or more

Understanding PACE

Named one of the top 20 “world-changing” ideas by Scientific American magazine, PACE is a simple and effective way to finance clean energy projects. PACE is repaid through a line item added to the property tax bill with terms upto 25 years. Being attached to the property, PACE is not based on a credit score and stays with the property upon sale. In addition, PACE solves the “split incentives problem” since BluePACE can “pass-through” property taxes as an operating expense to tenants


PACE for Commercial Properties

1 Property-based.png

Property-based financing — requires no personal or corporate guarantees

2 Financing terms.png

Financing terms upto 25 years — generates increased net operating income and increases inherent property value

3 Attached to property.png

Attached to property — through the property tax bill hence the obligation to repay automatically transfers to the new owner upon the sale of the property

4 Off balance sheet.png

Off-balance sheet — does not typically affect property owner’s loan covenants, such as debt to equity ratios

No money down 100% financing — including soft costs such as development costs

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

1 Monetize tax.png

Monetizes tax benefits

2 Outsource system.png

Outsources system construction, operation and maintenance etc

3 Locks in.png

Locks-in energy costs
for contract term


BluePACE PPA Financing

BluePACE PPA brings the best of PACE and PPA models to enable property owners to get affordable clean energy financing

Pay Less.png

Pay Less

Make fixed PPA payments — predict your outflow and be in control of your finances!
Realize over 10% savings on your energy bills.
Monetize renewable tax benefits to further lower your costs.

Increase Property Value.png

Increase your property value

With modern and efficient buildings, get better bargaining power on your property, should you intend to sell it.
If you plan to rent it, your clean energy project makes it more efficient and comfortable, giving you happier tenants who stay on for longer! With BluePACE PPA, as your payments are made over an extended period, you can derive more benefits from your energy payments.

Conserve Capital.png

Conserve capital

Conserve equity and capital for other investments.
Your BluePACE PPA financing automatically transfers with the property on sale.
You don’t need to incur debt to make long-term improvements. Choose BluePACE PPA.


BluePACE v/s Third-party Financing Options

BluePACE offers off-balance sheet, long term and lowered risk financing

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