Our Offerings

Bringing together the best of property-assessed clean energy (PACE) financing and power purchase agreements (PPA), BluePACE PPA offers easy access to financing and higher savings while leaving the headache of monetizing tax benefits, operating and maintaining the system to highly-qualified third parties.


BluePACE is a core commercial PACE capital program offering commercial building owners long-term, low-cost, super-senior financing that allows building owners to own the clean energy system and capitalize on tax incentives.

How it works

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For a chance to get a no-obligation HyperQualified* proposal in 48 hours

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Sign the PACE agreements

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Host clean energy project on your property

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Pay at least 10% less for the next 20 years!

In the background, BluePACE and the local jurisdiction get the ball rolling. The entire process is as follows:

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Complete our easy online application in minutes. BluePACE associates are available to assist. Within 48 hours, you receive a no-obligation, HyperQualified proposal. Accept the proposal.

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The team at BluePACE conducts a thorough project review, underwriting verification and such other due diligence to prepare your PPA and PACE agreements

3 sign documents.png

You sign the agreements to get the ball rolling

4 assessment added.png

BluePACE assessment added to the property taxes, the project funded and notice to proceed for construction is issued

5 host clean energy.png

You host clean energy system on your property

6 part of energy savings.png

You use part of energy cost savings to repay BluePACE Assessments

Save more than 10% on your electricity bills for 20 years or more!

Our coverage area

City County State JPA Member* PACE Opt-in**


Areas of County***

*JPA - Yes means that the municipality is a member of our Joint Powers Authority (JPA) partner.
**PACE - Yes means that the municipality has opted into the BluePACE program. If no, projects can still be completed after JPA member opt-in.
***Unincorporated - Yes means that all areas of the country that are not incorporated are included.