Are you developing clean energy projects? Are you a customer, contractor, investor, originator, or developer in the renewable energy space? Do you undertake solar PV, energy storage, or combined heat and power projects? 

HyperQual™ is built for you.

HyperQual™ is an end-to-end techno-economic optimization-driven origination platform. It is the best-in-class technology for clean energy financing, because it has:


Automated smart meter data acquisition of bills and interval data


Automated proposal generation including cloud-based panel layouts

Sophisticated bill engine including handling of CA NEM 2.0


Proprietary optimization algorithms for maximum customer ROI


Pre-qualification for BlueFlame's Commercial PACE financing program


No money down BluePACE™ PPA financing for qualified customers

The HyperQual Process


Better than the breed

HyperQual™ was built keeping in mind the needs and gaps in the market, to offer an ideal solution to existing problems. Here is everything you get when you choose HyperQual™


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