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BlueFlame Channel Partner Program

We are a commercial solar finance company that has been in the industry for many years and has worked with many solar installers to help businesses finance their solar projects.

We seek to expand our reach with our Channel Partners Program to be able to finance solar projects across the United States.

BlueFlame helps channel partners close more deals through affordable and flexible financing that maximizes customer and installer benefits.

Unlike traditional financing companies, we offer flexible terms, do not require guarantees, and personalized financing to increase the likelihood a customer can qualify for financing. In addition to offering financing to customers, we also help reduce time and money needed for solar projects for our channel partners.


5 Ways BlueFlame Benefits Solar Installers

  1. Close more deals

    Have you lost deals due to a lack of eligible financing? Compared to traditional financing companies, we offer flexible eligibility such as no guarantee required, flexible terms, and personalized financing. This means that more customers receive financing for solar projects, which results in more deals closed!

  2. Streamline the financing process

    Our proprietary financial technology are both used by us and our partners in order to provide quick and accurate financing information to customers, check current deal status, submit and organize documents, and get an estimated pricing right away! Combined with our years of industry experience, we streamline the financing process that is much more efficient than other financing companies!

  3. Leverage our seasoned solar financing expertise

    Our team knows the latest trends, policy changes and innovations in the commercial solar space. We share this valuable information with our partners so that they can avoid problems and capitalize on the latest developments and policies.

  4. No more dealer fees!

    BlueFlame never has and never will charge any dealer fees. Stop paying unfair fees and grow your bottom line with BlueFlame today!

  5. Never pay out-of-pocket for equipment & construction!

    We fund construction based on equitable, predetermined milestone payments that ensure you do not have to pay for equipment and other construction costs out-of-pocket. This frees up cash flow, so you can invest more in other areas of your business.


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Rewards Program

Our most active channel partners, as an added incentive, will receive pre-qualified leads, active leads, joint marketing efforts, and priority updates with latest solar industry trends. Through these incentives, we hope to close even more solar projects for our active channel partners, as well as increase customer satisfaction.

Find more information about our rewards program here.


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