With high energy use and millions of large rooftops feasible for solar along with falling renewable energy prices, the U.S. multifamily housing sector has enormous potential for adopting and benefiting from solar and other clean energy technologies. So, how can property owners, managers and even renters benefit from the cost savings from a clean energy system?

Energy Cost Savings Opportunities for Property Owners

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Cool Roof

Cool roofs reduce annual air conditioning costs by up to 15% of a single-story apartment building. Cool roofs also protect and extend the life of the roof, reducing roof repair and replacement costs. Learn more about the benefits of a Cool Roof.


LED Lighting

LED technology has several key advantages for multifamily housing when compared to traditional light sources and is an easy way to reduce energy costs and maintenance costs while maintaining a well-lighted environment. Not only do LEDs use up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescents, they also last up to 25 times longer and are easier to install. Learn about LED lighting today!

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Solar PV

Going solar is an efficient way of opening another income stream from your property. Once you've insalled the solar panels, you can sell back excess energy to the grid. Solar power reduces your electricity bill, and as utility prices are predicted to keep rising, this is an advantage that could become even more attractive over time.


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Energy Cost Savings Opportunities for Tenants

Even as solar and other renewable technologies get cheaper by the day, tenants face barriers to adopting clean energy that has largely prevented them from reaping the benefits of clean energy. Most notably, the "split-incentive" problem, which occurs when the tenant pays their own electricity bill, but the building owners are not motivated to incur the costs of the system in order to reduce their tenant's electricity bills.

BluePACE Financing
BluePACE is an affordable financing option for property owners, managers, as well as tenants that solves the "split-incentive" problem. With BluePACE, the clean energy system is paid over time (up to 25 years) through the property tax bill. The property owner can pass the cost of the project onto tenants through rent payments. Additionally, payment is tied to the property rather than the owner or tenant. Find out how BluePACE works.


Are you ready to save money with clean energy? Whether you're a property owner, manager, or tenant, it's important to find out how much you could save on electricity costs with a clean energy project.

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