Help Serve Customers Better Through A Partnership With BlueFlame Energy Finance!


What does it mean to partner with BlueFlame? Since, we are mostly a finance company that focuses on solar, we are able to help installers in ways that might be difficult for them to achieve by themselves. Solar systems can be quite expensive if a customer has no financing option available to them. Since, BlueFlame’s specialty is solar financing, we can help the customer a lot better rather than a regular loan from a general finance company. 

5 Ways BlueFlame Can Be Beneficial For Solar Installer Companies

  1. Close deals faster! By being able to provide financing options to customers, we are able to make solar systems much more affordable for them. This means that installers would have one less thing to worry about when speaking with their customers!

  2. Understand you better. BlueFlame has years of experience when it comes with solar financing. We understand the ins and outs of construction when it comes to solar installation, including what installers need. Specially, the financial needs of the installer!

  3. Be able to choose the best financing option. We have worked with many customers before, understanding their financial situation and choosing the best financial option that will be able to give them the most savings. Combined with flexible financing terms, compared to other financing companies, BlueFlame is the best financing company to suggests to customers!

  4. Familiarity with the industry. BlueFlame has worked in the solar industry for many years. We are familiar with the industry and the latest trends, and events regarding solar.  If something changes with the current policy, we are able to notify you right away, to make sure that everything works well when doing business.

  5. More satisfied customers. By having years of experience in the solar industry, we are able to provide the best service to customers. Helping them save money by understanding their current financial situation is something we’ve done to many customers, and every time, they are very satisfied with the results!

What Does BlueFlame Get Out of the Partnership?

Since, BlueFlame is a finance company that works throughout the United States, finding customers and being able to service them properly without any partners can be quite difficult. Through our partners, we are able to expand our reach and be able to provide better service. BlueFlame would be able to concentrate on the financing aspect of solar systems without worrying about its other aspects. This will make the job easier for both our partner and us, which means that we are able to provide the best service to the customer.

If a partnership with BlueFlame is something that interests you, or have any questions, then feel free to schedule a free consultation with us here.

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