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How Can BlueFlame Help You Finance A Solar Project Today?

Finance Your Solar Projects Today!

Is your business thinking about installing solar panels but afraid of the cost? Are you worried about the expensive maintenance cost after installation? These are just some of the common fears when it comes to going solar that prevents businesses from experiencing the many benefits of solar energy. The common misunderstanding about solar panels being too expensive to even consider installing is unfortunate, since there are many financing options available to help businesses afford going solar.


What Are The Different Financing Options For Solar Projects?

Still on the fence about going solar? There are different finance options that can help you afford a solar system and reap the benefits that come with them. If a cash purchase is not possible at this moment, you can try these financing options:

  • Loan

    • You own the system and keep all the solar tax incentives and rebates.

  • Operating Lease

    • Great option for those who cannot take advantage of the tax incentives, since highly qualified 3rd parties monetize the tax benefits and pass the savings on to you through lower lease payments.

    • You can own the system at a very low price (almost free) at the end of the term.

    • Little or no upfront costs.

    • Fixed monthly payments.

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

    • Similar to operating lease,  a PPA monetizes the tax incentives and passes this on to you through lower electricity rates.

    • No upfront costs.

    • You can buy the system at the end of the term.

BlueFlame Energy Finance is a specialty B2B energy finance company offering flexible, low friction & non-recourse financing solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We are committed to making renewable energy, energy efficiency & water improvements accessible and affordable to a wide range of customers nationwide. Our financing is a smart alternative to traditional financing. Our experienced team works tirelessly to bring flexible financing terms and structures tailored to our customer’s specific needs. Learn more about our financing solutions here.

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