Schools, museums, churches, houses of worship, and other not-for-profit entities are big energy users. Clean energy technologies such as Solar PV, LED Lighting, and Cool Roofing reliably reduces electricity costs and protects against ever-increasing traditional utility costs.




Cannot directly take advantage of tax incentives (i.e. the ITC and accelerated depreciation)

Predictable Budget.png

Less predictable budgets that complicates long-term financial obligations

Adequate Financing.png

Lack of adequate financing:
-Commercial loans often hard to obtain given lending institutions are risk averse
-Solar leasing/PPA companies don't want to lease to them

Unclear Future Energy Cost Savings.png

Unclear future energy costs savings:
- BlueFlame's Energy Cost Savings Calculator, powered by  our proprietary software, HyperQual, can quickly indicate whether a Solar project is right for you. Try it out today!


Solution: BluePACE PPA