Scalable project identification

BlueFlame quickly identifies the top opportunities for your clean energy business based on your specific set of criteria for projects. For a geographically targeted campaign, we can hyper-efficiently identify the top candidates for your products/services and instantly avoid wasting time on projects that turn out to be infeasible or unfinanceable. This allows your sales/origination team to jump start their efforts and increase conversion rates.


Sophisticated software solutions for quick savings calculations, financial quotes, & more
- With HyperQual, we can calculate with market-leading accuracy the avoided utility cost as well as the net savings calculation including financing for hundreds of projects in just hours! This includes financing terms, preliminary system design, utility rate opimitization, & more. 

HyperQual QuickPricer - Channel Partners who need instant pricing quotes for their customers can use our QuickPricer app.
HyperQual Mobile - Our mobile tool uses geolocation, and user rooftop identification to provide instant quotes and initial project size estimates for SolarPV, LED Lighting, Cool Roof, and Co-generation projects
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Prequalification for our BluePACE financing program

Instead of wasting time & resources on opportunities that only end up falling apart due to lack of adequate financing, BlueFlame determines from the very beginning which opportunities are financeable and which are not. Thanks to HyperQual, we can determine financial eligibility in just seconds. This not only greatly improves efficiency, but also improves the close rate of your sales/origination team.
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Customer acquisition outreach materials customized for each opportunity

For each project, BlueFlame provides your team with high quality, highly personalized outreach materials to support all aspects of your customer acquistion process. This includes customizable project proposals with detailed savings & financial analyses, emails, direct mailers, brochures, and even contact information.


Customer acquisition support & consultant services

BlueFlame offers best-of-breed customer acquisition support and advicing for more hands-on origination assistance. We help you identify ideal geographical areas, sectors (i.e. schools, churches, hotels), and sales/marketing strategies for maximizing your origination success. Additionally, we can provide direct to customer outreach such as calling or emailing customers

Scale your clean energy business by leveraging our state-of-the-art software tools for origination

Only cost occurs for successfully closed projects with no upfront cost or risk


Increases your sales/origination team's productivity


Streamlines customer acquistion process from origination to close


Cutting-edge online channel partner portal



Bringing together thebest of property-assessed clean energy (PACE) financing and power purchase agreements (PPA), BluePACE PPA offers easy access to financing and higher savings while leaving the headache to monetize tax benefits, operate and maintain the system to highly-qualified third parties.


BluePACE is a core commercial PACE capital program offering commercial building owners long-term, low-cost, super-senior financing that allows building owners to own the clean energy system and capitalize on tax incentives.