U.S. Schools spend over an estimated $8 Billion, or $132 per student, each year on energy costs. Schools with a feasible rooftop or carport area for solar in many areas can typically reduce electricity bills by 10-20%. 
Poway Unified School District in Southern California saves an estimated $250,000 annually with solar power

Benefits of Solar Power for Schools


Save money, spend more on education

Solar panels typically can save schools and colleges 10% or more on electricity bills, which can have a ripple effect throughout your school's budget. BlueFlame's BluePACE financing program enables schools to preserve their budget from a solar installation with off-balance sheet, 100% financing options. Learn more about BluePACE.


Teach through real world example, intrigue student interest in S.T.E.M.

Going solar offers teachers opportunities to incorporate lessons in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) into the curriculum. In fact, solar helps develop an integrated approach to STEM eduation focused on real-world problems, whereby students learn to reflect on the problem-solving process. In fact, research indicates that students learn best when encourages to construct their own knowledge of the world around them (Satchwell & Loepp, 2002).

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Enhance sustainable brand image, help enrollment

Schools can earn the "Green" label due to the many environmental benefits of solar power. Schools powered by solar energy are associated with innovation, enhancing your school or university's credibility, brand image, and- in turn- enrollment. In addition, a solar project can be a distinguishing factor for students deciding between two similar colleges. 

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Protect the environment, lead by example

Solar panels have many environmental benefits, which help fight against climate change. According to ThinkProgress, if every U.S. school took full advantage of its solar potential, 5.4 gigawatts would be added to the country's solar capacity, which has equivalent environmental benefits as taking one million passenger vehicles off the road. Installing a solar power system demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship that students will seek to emulate in their own lives.

Solar Financing Options for Schools

Schools can now finance 100% of their solar project with long-term, affordable BluePACE financing. BluePACE targets the biggest obstacles of schools adopting solar, which are prohibitive upfront costs combined with lack of adequate financing to this underserved segment of the clean energy market. When you finance your solar energy system with BluePACE, you a receive a 20-25 year warranty. For private schools and colleges that have the tax appetite to monetize the 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar and that are interested in owning the solar photovoltaic system, a BluePACE loan may be the best financing option.

Since schools often cannot monetize the 30% investment tax credit (ITC) for solar, our BluePACE PPA offering enables these schools to benefit from tax incentives despite lacking the tax capacity. It also leaves the headache of operating and maintaining the system to highly-qualified third parties. Find out more about the advantages of BluePACE financing for your school.


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