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What is BluePACE?

BluePACE is the program administrator for BlueFlame Energy Finance’s PACE financing program that offers financing for clean and renewable energy projects utilizing PACE or PACE secured PPA financing, enabling over 10% savings on electricity bills — payable through property tax bills.

What is BluePACE PPA?

BluePACE PPA is a cost-effective, turn-key financing solution for clean energy projects. It combines the best of property-assessed clean energy (PACE) financing and power purchase agreements (PPA) to offer easy access to financing and higher savings while leaving the headache to monetize tax benefits, operate and maintain the system to highly-qualified third parties.

How is BluePACE PPA better than my existing financing options?

Because BluePACE saves more than 10% on your energy bills for 20 years without any obligations to operate and maintain the project. This is possible because BluePACE PPA combines the benefits of PPA (in particular, easy monetization of tax benefits) and PACE (easy access to credit) to provide innovative financing solutions for your clean energy project. For point-to-point comparison with other financing options, <a href=\"//blueflameenergyfinance.com/why-bluepace#bluepace-vs-thirdparty-financing\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\">click here.

How is BluePACE PPA paid for?

BluePACE is paid through a senior lien that corresponds to a line item titled ‘BluePACE’ on your property tax bill.

How do I get BluePACE PPA?

You can get BluePACE PPA by submitting an online application on this website. Click here to apply now for a HyperQualified BluePACE PPA. A ‘HyperQualified' proposal is a non-binding 'pre-qualification' for BluePACE PPA. A legally binding financial qualification will be made after thorough review of the project.

Am I required to get an energy audit for my property?

No, this requires only a savings analysis performed upfront as part of HyperQualified proposal by BluePACE.

Do I need to obtain a building permit?

No, BluePACE and its pre-qualified contractors are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and completing inspections, including final inspection sign-off, from the appropriate city or county building department.

Can I sell or refinance a property that has an outstanding BluePACE PPA?

Yes, property with BluePACE can be sold or refinanced at any time.

Who can apply for BluePACE financing?

Any owner with property located in a city or county where BluePACE has been approved by the local government can apply.

Are all contractors qualified to install eligible BluePACE projects?

No, BluePACE only works with highly qualified strategic contractors although we will work to qualify additional contractors if preferred by property owner.

Can BluePACE be used to finance more than one project?


Can I finance eligible products that are already installed?


What is BlueFlame PACE Services, LLC?

BlueFlame PACE Services, LLC is the program administrator for BluePACE. BlueFlame PACE Services is a subsidiary of BlueFlame Energy Finance, LLC.

What is BlueFlame Energy Finance, LLC?

BlueFlame is a specialty finance company primarily utilizing property assessed clean energy (“PACE”) financing for distributed clean energy projects

Is there an application fee?


What is a HyperQualified Proposal?

HyperQual is BlueFlame’s proprietary fintech platform that analyzes and identifies the most economically attractive solar and storage projects across portfolio of sites and offers pre-qualified financing. A HyperQualified proposal is one that has been analyzed and approved of by HyperQual. For every eligible application, a HyperQualified proposal is made within 48 hours.


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