What is BlueFlame Energy Finance?

BlueFlame Energy Finance is a specialty B2B energy finance company offering flexible, low friction & non-recourse financing solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We understand that you and many other commercial property owners may want to make energy improvements to their property to enhance their cash flow but are prevented from doing so by the prohibitive upfront cost. Our goal is to address the needs and gaps in the commercial energy project market that is not satisfied by traditional financing companies.

Why should I choose BlueFlame to finance my solar system?

Our seasoned team has over 90 years of finance and execution experience, and we tailor our financing to maximize the benefits to our customers. We offer competitive interest rates and long terms for projects as low as $250,000, and we do not require any personal or corporate guarantees!

What is the best financing option for me?

Depending on your financial situation, BlueFlame can recommend you an option that is perfect for you. Since there are quite a few options to choose from, it is best to talk with an expert with years of commercial solar financing experience. Call us today at 760-615-5028.

Who is eligible for BlueFlame’s financing solutions?

Our flexible financing is available for a wide range of businesses, non-profits & municipal customers. This includes multifamily residential, hospitality & agricultural properties as well.

What transaction sizes does BlueFlame finance?

We finance projects as low as $250,000 with no maximum.

What are your finance rates?

We offer competitive finance rates based on a credit spread over US Interest Rate Swaps at the time of financial closing. Typically, rates are between 5.25%-6.95%.

Do you require corporate or personal guarantees?

No, we don’t require any corporate or personal guarantees!

Does BlueFlame provide construction financing?

Yes! We provide construction financing.

What financing options are available to property owners?

We can offer our customers a capital lease, operating lease, PPA, SBA loan as well as PACE financing.

How does a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) work?

This financing is designed specifically for solar projects to remove the upfront investment and to increase access to financing for energy user who cannot use solar investment tax credits. A PPA provides a known long-term electricity price hedge against future electricity price increases. PPA offers easy access to no money down, fixed-payment, and long-term (up to 25 years) financing and higher savings while leaving the complexity of monetizing tax benefits, operating and maintaining the solar system to highly qualified third parties.

How does an Operating Lease / Energy Services Agreement (ESA) work?

YAn ESA is a services contract between a power off-taker and the owner/service-provider of Solar Energy electrical generating equipment where the off-taker agrees to pay a fixed payment for energy services delivered by the electrical generating equipment at a competitive price. BlueFlame Solar ESA require no upfront capital from power off-taker and enables payments to be assessed and paid monthly. The maintenance of the system is the obligation of the power off-taker.

How does a Capital Lease work?

A capital lease works similarly to a loan. With this option, the business will take ownership of the solar system and the tax benefits that come with it. It is best for those who can fully take advantage of the tax benefits.

Can BlueFlame finance more than one project?

Yes! In fact, we have worked with customers in multiple projects before.

Does BlueFlame work with small businesses?

Absolutely! In fact, we specialize in working with small and medium-sized businesses.

What types of projects or improvements can BlueFlame finance?

We finance a wide range of projects including energy, storage, synthetic turf, water, seismic and hurricane protection improvements.

Is it free to apply for financing?

HyperQualIt is completely free! Schedule a free consultationHyperQual with us today!


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